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17 July 2008 @ 2pm

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The Correct Term is “Firebuggist”

After the Firefox 3 Release Week excitement, I kind of zoned-out for a bit and forgot about my blog. In an attempt to re-invigorate it, I’ve updated the theme to something a little less “newspapery” and should be able to get it looking a bit better than it did out of the box. It’s a work in progress and some things still don’t look quite right, but I have Firebug to help me fiddle with the CSS and layout. Nixing all instances of “Arial” was a good place to start. Also, while I’m rambling on about my blog, I should mention that WordPress 2.6 is out and if you’re using that platform, you should really update. Trust me, it’s nice.

Speaking of Firebug, it looks like I’ll have plenty of opportunity to play with it now as I’m going to be helping out with that project full-time. I’m really excited to be working on development tools again and already have a few ideas for features or extensions. (Internet-famous) John Resig posted a great article a couple of weeks ago and I’m looking forward to working with him, Jan Odvarko and the Firebug team to make it the awesomest, standards-based web-development tool in the universe. I’m hoping to write another post in a few days about some of those ideas. In the meantime, I have a couple of little patches to finish up before completing the move.

From an organizational perspective, this means I’ll be moving into the Evangelism Team with Mike Shaver and friends. I’ll still be helping field questions about the unittest infrastructure if they come up, but inquiries and bug reports should go to John O’Duinn and his team of Excellent Release Engineers.

Thanks to everyone for making this shift possible and to everyone who sent congratulatory notes. Everyone is Awesome! :)


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Justin Dolske
17 July 2008 @ 3pm

What, not “Firebugger”? :-)

It’s great to finally see a team come together to help give Firebug the TLC it needs — I’m sure you guys will kick some butt!

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17 July 2008 @ 11pm


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Chris Nelson
18 July 2008 @ 9am

Damn – Justin beat me to the punchline.

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