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17 December 2008 @ 11am

Firebug, Mozilla

Firebug in Firefox 3.1b2 and Beyond

I’ve been getting asked about this more and more recently, so I thought I should write something in an attempt to allay the confusion around this. Let me say this first:

Firebug 1.2.1 is not compatible with Firefox 3.1.

That bothers me, but not half-as-much as it probably bothers you, the person trying to debug some web on the latest, fastest, state-of-the-art Firefox (that kicks ass and is really cool and will make you more popular). But don’t fret! It won’t be this way for long. I’m hoping that today or tomorrow we’re going to release Firebug 1.3 on AMO!

Firebug 1.3 is not compatible with Firefox 3.1.

No, I’m not kidding. It sort of works, but there are a number of issues with it. It was never intended to work with Firefox 3.1 and as such, there are some known and probably many more unknown problems.

Let me say what I should have said at the start of this post: If you want to use Firebug with Firefox 3.1, you will need to use Firebug 1.4. Get the latest version from the releases directory and install it up. No compatibility override required. Don’t let the alpha version tag frighten you, it’s really quite decent.

Details about the different versions available on getfirebug.com’s releases page. Worth a read to see all the cool new features that have gone into these upcoming releases.


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Rey Bango
17 December 2008 @ 3pm

Thanks for posting this Rob. I tweeted it and hopefully we can get more people testing out Fx 3.1 B2.

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17 December 2008 @ 11pm

Thanks for the heads up, there is always a developer groan when the latest FF doesn’t mix with the latest ‘stable’ FB.

[...]  http://antennasoft.net/robcee/2008/12/17/firebug-in-firefox-31b2-and-beyond/ : firebug 1.4 alpha est la première version compatible avec le futur Firefox 3.1. [...]

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1 January 2009 @ 10am

Does it work with javascript.options.jit.chrome being set to true?

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1 January 2009 @ 11am

marios: I will say yes, provisionally. chrome jitting still isn’t turned on because I believe there are still some issues with it. Expect some bumps.

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5 January 2009 @ 2pm

Hey robcee,

Any sign of Firebug 1.3 on AMO? It’s still 1.2, two weeks after you wrote “today or tomorrow”. Has there been a problem?


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5 January 2009 @ 2pm

gerv: I spoke too soon. We ended up with another beta version (b7) and have been tracking some issues. I’ll know more about our status tomorrow afternoon.

We’ll release it soon.

[...] says, Firebug 1.3.0 Final is now up on addons.mozilla.org. Release notes are here. As mentioned previously, this version will not be compatible with Firefox 3.1 (Shiretoko) and up. For that you’ll [...]

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15 January 2009 @ 11am

Thanks a bunch for posting this. I was really starting to get pissed that my shiny new browser wasn’t usable in a work environment.

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Adi K
24 January 2009 @ 8pm

I’ve read in several dev blogs that Firebug 1.3 is not compatible with Firefox 3.1. So instead of being annoyed by many people asking the same thing, why the heck isn’t it just noted on the releases website of Firebug???
Anyway, thanks for such a great tool! I use it everyday!

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Sergey Shepelev
17 February 2009 @ 10am

Thanks, will try 1.4.

[...] back I stated that Firebug 1.4 was compatible with Firefox 3.1b2 (soon to be rebadged as 3.5). At the time, this [...]