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6 January 2011 @ 2pm

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The Best Development Tools 1983 Had To Offer

I went looking through my library for the classic Smalltalk-80 books to lookup the definition for the original consoleworkspace. When I realized I didn’t have the “orange book” on my shelf, I searched for it and found all of the original Smalltalk-80 books in PDF: http://www.world.st/books.

From Smalltalk-80: The Interactive Programming Environment (p. 106, How to Evaluate Expressions):

It is common practice to keep around a workspace in which to type expressions that can be selected and evaluated, or from which to select previously typed expressions. Whenever you want to reevaluate an ex- pression evaluated earlier, simply select the appropriate text in the workspace and choose the yellow button command do it.

You may of course edit some of the existing text before you select and evaluate it. In a sense, text left in workspaces form templates for commands.

The Smalltalk-80 Workspace

I’m going to finish adding a couple of features to the Workspace addon then I’ll push it to AMO. After that, we’ll likely convert it to the Addon-SDK as part of our initial devtools widgets.


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Rob Helmer
7 January 2011 @ 5pm

Have you seen morphic.js?

I think it would be relevant to your interests.

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7 January 2011 @ 6pm

I love squeak, but could never really get into morphic as a UI toolkit. The lively kernel stuff looks interesting though.