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15 August 2011 @ 12pm

devtools, Firefox, Programming

Scratchpad can haz Orion

This weekend, the incomparable Mihai Sucan put the finishing touches on the Orion Source Code editor integration pieces and attached it to the Scratchpad. Orion is an open source code editor project that IBM is building. See Mihai’s blog post for some details and a link to an earlier demo video. It’s currently turned off via preferences, but if you’d like to play with it in Firefox Nightlies, (or later this week, Aurora) set:

devtools.editor.component to orion in about:config.

… and then open a Scratchpad (with Shift-F4 or via the menu item in the Web Developer submenu).

Update! John via the comments mentioned that if you have already opened a Scratchpad, you will need to restart your browser for this change to take effect. Thanks for the note!

It’s currently disabled because there are some outstanding issues for RTL locales and some accessibility concerns. We hope to address those issues with upstream contributions wherever possible — Mihai’s an Orion contributor now. Eventually, this preference will become the default.

What do you get with this preference? Nice JavaScript syntax highlighting for starters. You also get other conveniences like bracket matching and (semi-)smart indentation.

This feature’s an important first-step towards making the Scratchpad a really comfortable editor for writing and testing bits of JavaScript. It gives us a solid foundation to add more interesting features to the Scratchpad in the future, and gives us a Source Editor component that we can drop into other elements.


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16 August 2011 @ 10am

Hi Rob, you might want to add that you have to restart Firefox in order for the option to be set.

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16 August 2011 @ 5pm

Hi John.

That’s not strictly true. If you set the option before opening a Scratchpad, the preference will take effect for the first open. If you’ve already opened one, you will have to restart.

Thanks for the comment!