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6 December 2011 @ 12pm

devtools, Firefox, Mozilla

New Stuff: Style Editor, Debugger, Inspector, Web Console; Contributors!

Hey! There’s some hot new stuff in Nightlies you might not be aware of. It’s called the Style Editor and, as it says on the tin, it’s for editing CSS of your web page. You can find it in the Web Developer menu.

“But, you can already do that with the Rule View in the Page Inspector thing in Aurora,” I can hear you protest. That’s true, you’re absolutely right, but with the Style Editor, you’re editing all of the CSS files in an editor. Not just the rules applied to a specific node. This has some nice properties.

1. You get to use Orion. Complete with prettified CSS so it’ll even work on sites that have minified their style sheets.

2. You can easily save or export changes you make. This is a huge benefit when you want to tweak some styling and then get it back into the original source.

3. It’s awesome.

Please try it out and file bugs if you find them. We love that. We have a few tweaks we want to land before we ship it to Aurora, but if you spot any bad behavior, we’d like to know about it.

If that weren’t enough, we have a Debugger getting ready to make its debut in Mozilla Central and Nightly builds. It likely won’t be turned on at first as we work to beef up its capabilities. But soon, over the next release or two, this will become available debug your JavaScript. I’ll talk more about that when it’s ready.

But, do you know what’s really cool? We have contributors showing up in our IRC channel and submitting patches. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen no fewer than 5 new “faces” in our IRC channel talking to the developers, filing bugs and submitting patches. This is fantastic stuff! For most people, their time from zero experience with Mozilla code to first patch is a day or two. Most of the hard work is setting up the build environment on their systems and wrangling with Mercurial to get the code onto their machine.

Extra thanks and kudos to, sonny, hardfire, nigelb, soswow and anybody I may have missed. The Web Console has never looked better.


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Alfred Kayser
6 December 2011 @ 1pm

Shameless Plug:
And of course my themes do support all this nice new stuff in their latest releases on AMO: Littlefox, Nautipolis, Walnut, Walnut2, MicroFox. Including the new GCLI stuff in the web console, which you forgot to mention.

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6 December 2011 @ 3pm

Right you are! Apologies for not mentioning the GCLI. It is most-definitely imminent.

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Daniel Johansson
6 December 2011 @ 5pm

Amazing! This could replace a lot of copy-pasting from firebug, which isn’t very handy.

How does the prettifier work? I see only the minified code in the orion window