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20 April 2012 @ 3pm

Addons, Code, Firefox, Mozilla

Bookmarks Deiconizer, userChrome edition

A couple of years ago, I made a simple addon to remove the icons from bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox. It was a fun hack, but I knew then that it wasn’t the right way to do this. Nevertheless, easy is the enemy of perfect (or something) so I kept on using it, and AMO kindly kept on updating it when new versions of Firefox were released.

All was right in the world.

Then this week, some changes to Firefox’ toolbar caused the add-on to stop working. It still works if you do the enable-disable dance in the Addons Manager, but that’s no way to live everytime you restart your browser or open a new window. Something had to give!

To banish your bookmarks icons forever, add the following to your userChrome.css file (it’s in your Profile Directory‘s chrome subdirectory). If it doesn’t exist, create a new file named userChrome.css and add:

scrollbox#PlacesToolbarItems > toolbarbutton.bookmark-item > .toolbarbutton-icon {
  display: none;

Update: If you’re on Windows, you’ll probably want to include:

scrollbox#PlacesToolbarItems > toolbarbutton.bookmark-item > .toolbarbutton-menu-dropmarker {
    display: -moz-box !important;

This makes the little folder drop-down arrow visible on folders.

Save the file, restart your browser and your icons should be gone forever.


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28 May 2012 @ 4pm

This fix only works w/ windows version of firefox not the Mac version.

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28 May 2012 @ 5pm

Are you sure, RJ? I’ve been using this on a Mac since I posted it. Works well here.