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Posts from August 2012

A Bug Story: Debugger Breakpoints and Page Reloads in Firefox

What you need to know: If you set a breakpoint in the Debugger in Firefox 15 and then hit “Reload”, the Debugger is going to shutdown. This has been fixed in Firefox 16. And now the story‚Ķ A couple of weeks ago, Dave Herman (aka @littlecalculist) CC’d me on a tweet. That led to this [...]

WebConsole’s $() convenience function: querySelector

tl;dr If you’re used to using $(“id”) in the WebConsole to lookup nodes with a given id, prepare to get used to doing it with $(“#id”). There was a short discussion in the #firebug channel in IRC this week about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of the $() convenience function in the Console (Firebug’s, Firefox’ [...]