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31 October 2012 @ 1pm

devtools, Firefox, Mozilla

New Devtools Peer: Victor Porof!

While I was eating my sandwich and mulling this blog post, I saw this roll by on the Toronto office dashboard:

(That’s from Chris Atlee‘s Try High Scores page, if you were wondering. It’s cool.)

Check out third place, just edging out bsmith and gaining on masayuki.

Now, before you get all uppity and start accusing Victor of abusing the Try servers, know this: He’s been making great progress beating down our intermittent failures. Earlier this year, we shipped the 3D View which Victor implemented. It has 21 bugs filed on it which either means it’s extremely solid code (it is) or nobody’s using it (they might not be).

Well, that’s not all! Victor has also been doing a fantastic job on our Debugger front end. Just recently he’s completed a massive reorganization of the front-end code making it better and some useful pieces reusable for our other tools. Expect to see some improved Variable Views in our object inspectors, web console and scratchpad very soon as a result.

Please join me in congratulating our latest Firefox Developer Tools Peer by sending him code reviews for the Debugger, Tilt and whatever else you might have for him.

Thanks, Victor! :)


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31 October 2012 @ 3pm


Posted by
Nick Fitzgerald
31 October 2012 @ 3pm

Dude! Awesome! Congrats, Victor!

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Mike Ratcliffe
31 October 2012 @ 9pm

Wow, Victor for President!

Congrats … I will to save some reviews for ya ;o)

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David Bolter
1 November 2012 @ 12pm

Piling on. Congrats Victor!