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Bookmarks Deiconizer, userChrome edition

A couple of years ago, I made a simple addon to remove the icons from bookmarks in the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox. It was a fun hack, but I knew then that it wasn’t the right way to do this. Nevertheless, easy is the enemy of perfect (or something) so I kept on using it, [...]

Workspace 0.5.3 + Bookmarks Deiconizer Approved

Workspace 0.5.3 is released on AMO! One gotcha: If you’re running Firefox Beta 11 or under, you might want to wait for Beta 12 to come out before upgrading (which should be tagged for building today or tomorrow). If you’re on a nightly, you’ll want to upgrade right away. The reason for the fix is [...]

Workspace 0.4.4

Just a quick note to let people know that I’ve updated the Workspace extension recently. Added support for saving and loading files as well as a hotkey (F4) to open it from the browser. Many thanks to Erik Vold for some nice fixes and improvements! Install it here: http://antennasoft.net/addons/workspace.xpi.

Oh no, Pinchy!

Sometime early this week, we disabled the pinch-zoom controls on trackpads in OS X (and maybe elsewhere, I’m unclear on how well-supported these gestures are on other platforms, but certainly present on mobile). You can read the gory details over in bug 613909. I use pinch-zoom All the Time. It’s a feature I can’t live [...]

Workspace 0.3

This weekend, I did a bit more work on the Workspace to get it closer to a releasable state. I also had some help in the form of some community contribution via the prolific Erik Vold on github. Download: workspace.xpi * added the relevant .htaccess bits so you can install directly from the link. Just [...]

The Best Development Tools 1983 Had To Offer

I went looking through my library for the classic Smalltalk-80 books to lookup the definition for the original consoleworkspace. When I realized I didn’t have the “orange book” on my shelf, I searched for it and found all of the original Smalltalk-80 books in PDF: http://www.world.st/books. From Smalltalk-80: The Interactive Programming Environment (p. 106, How [...]

JavaScript Workspaces

One feature I wanted in Firefox 4 was a JavaScript Workspace. I know I’ve talked about it to a bunch of people. Most of the time, people looked at me like I had a chicken on my head. The concept is so simple yet hard to really convey how useful it is. Conversations inevitably go [...]

Bookmarks Deiconizer, a Firefox Addon

It’s Black Friday! For some of you, that means lots of shopping, post-turkey discomfort and watching football. Maybe all at once. For me, it meant checking out the latest development trunk of the Add-ons SDK (née Jetpack) and bundling up an add-on. There were a couple of fun things about doing this. One, all of [...]