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New Devtools Peer: Anton Kovalyov

Yup. That’s right. Anton’s a peer now. Send him your review requests!

Firefox Debugger Search Features

One of the great unsung features of the Debugger is the built-in search facilities by Victor Porof. They started out simply-enough with a search field for filtering which scripts were displayed in the drop down. However, as of Firefox 18, this little search box has gotten some Super Powers. It still acts as a filter [...]

New Devtools Peer: Victor Porof!

While I was eating my sandwich and mulling this blog post, I saw this roll by on the Toronto office dashboard: (That’s from Chris Atlee‘s Try High Scores page, if you were wondering. It’s cool.) Check out third place, just edging out bsmith and gaining on masayuki. Now, before you get all uppity and start [...]

Firefox Devtools: hax

Last week, the Firefox Devtools teams got together in London for some together-time. We kicked the show off on Tuesday with some lightning talks, followed by hack sessions over the rest of the week. As always, it’s incredible getting together with everybody — I’m kind of a fan. We’ll be finishing things we worked on [...]

New Devtools Peer: Mike Ratcliffe

We’ve added a new peer to the Devtools Module: Mike Ratcliffe! Please send him all your reviews for the Inspector and Style Panels. He will help you. Congratulations, Mike!

A Bug Story: Debugger Breakpoints and Page Reloads in Firefox

What you need to know: If you set a breakpoint in the Debugger in Firefox 15 and then hit “Reload”, the Debugger is going to shutdown. This has been fixed in Firefox 16. And now the story… A couple of weeks ago, Dave Herman (aka @littlecalculist) CC’d me on a tweet. That led to this [...]

WebConsole’s $() convenience function: querySelector

tl;dr If you’re used to using $(“id”) in the WebConsole to lookup nodes with a given id, prepare to get used to doing it with $(“#id”). There was a short discussion in the #firebug channel in IRC this week about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of the $() convenience function in the Console (Firebug’s, Firefox’ [...]

New DevTools Peer: Heather Arthur

We’ve added Heather Arthur to the list of esteemed peers in the DevTools code module. Heather’s been contributing to Scratchpad, providing session restore support, the Inspector adding pseudo-class lock capabilities and has been giving great feedback on patches. Even if she wasn’t an expert on machine learning and feline face detection in images, adding her [...]

DevTools Hackday June 26, 2012

We’re having a DevTools Hackday tomorrow, June 26th to create some commands for the newly-landed Global Command Line Interface. (Joe blogged about it here). It’s still new and waiting for you to write some excellent new commands for it. Got a thing you’d like Firefox to do? Feel like hacking a little Browser JS? This [...]

Firefox Devtools Team in London

Last week we got the whole DevTools group together in beautiful, sunny London England to hang out and hack on a few things. Sunny? Yeah, unexpected, but made for some great picture taking. At the risk of saturating Planet with developer tools-related updates, there was some pretty magical stuff happening. Our own Debugger task force [...]

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