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Firefox Debugger Search Features

One of the great unsung features of the Debugger is the built-in search facilities by Victor Porof. They started out simply-enough with a search field for filtering which scripts were displayed in the drop down. However, as of Firefox 18, this little search box has gotten some Super Powers. It still acts as a filter [...]

WebConsole’s $() convenience function: querySelector

tl;dr If you’re used to using $(“id”) in the WebConsole to lookup nodes with a given id, prepare to get used to doing it with $(“#id”). There was a short discussion in the #firebug channel in IRC this week about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of the $() convenience function in the Console (Firebug’s, Firefox’ [...]

console.foo() and you

For years, the world has been able to rely on Firebug and its console for debugging web sites. It has been a convenient and productive tool and we’d probably still be languishing in the window.dump() mines without it. A side-effect of this availability has made some patterns appear that don’t play nicely with consoles that [...]

Firebug 1.5.0

I am very happy to be able to announce the release of Firebug 1.5.0 on addons.mozilla.org. This release represents a significant effort by the Firebug Working Group which saw the addition of some new faces over the last few months. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the new features: Enhanced Inspector More accurate Net [...]

Intro to Firebug Screencast

A couple of weeks ago, I made a short-ish screencast about some of the basic features of Firebug. I plan on making more of these in the near future highlighting some of the features of Firebug 1.5 and some of the other, lesser known things you can do. this is an HTML5 video element. Right [...]

Firebug and the JIT

One thing we hear a lot from Firebug users is that Firebug slows down Firefox. When Firebug is active, particularly when you’ve enabled the Console/Script panels, some pages perform much more slowly. Enabling these panels turns on all of our debugging hooks, so some slowdown isn’t surprising, but what may surprise you is that, in [...]

Firebug 1.5: New Features Revealed!

As of this minute, Firebug 1.5 is sitting comfortably in its third beta and available for download. This version is shaping up to be our best release yet and initial reports have been very positive regarding its stability, UI improvements and new features. So let’s take a look at some of the new features. Improved [...]

Firebug Features Poll part 2 – The Unloved

This is the second part of the Firebug Features Poll (part 1 is here). This time, focusing on the answers to the question: What is your least favorite Firebug feature. The one you never use. I don’t know if the question was worded poorly or if people just felt like venting, but many of the [...]

Firebug Features Poll part 1

Last week I did a little informal polling via Twitter and Rypple asking users what their favorite and least favorite features of Firebug were. I will be the first person to admit that this isn’t exactly rigorously scientific as we only had a limited number of respondents from a possibly limited sample space (mostly English [...]

New Firediff Alpha

Kevin Decker has posted a new version of the Firediff extension for Firebug which he’s calling “a major milestone”. While still not producing unified patches you can apply directly to your source code, it does create a “serialized version of the page state” you can then manually apply. Firediff Snapshot + Diff Generation – In [...]

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